a study in cryonetics

Wil’s hand built sports car has been on a lift in storage for…how many years? 3? 4? Time to complete the job and get it on road. Before those tires on the fancy custom HRE wheels age and crack.

The car body and under hood mechanicals are complete. We just need to finish off the interior and paint the exterior which is still a bare aluminum shell.

Life kept getting in the way of finishing this project which has been in the works for as long as our oldest child has been alive. (He’s 11 now). Little did I know when I met Wil, the idea of building a car from scratch has been in his head since HE was an 11 year old boy. It’s time to breathe in life and make that passionate dream a reality. (photo:  Laura Billingham)

More pressing life events kept dragging Wil off his pet project: a house addition, a shop addition, an ailing parent, a tree to cut down, his Ferrari to paint and supercharge. We’re dragging the car back into the body shop this month with an eye to having it on the road this summer. Stay tuned. If you visit our shop in the coming months, ask to see the car and feel free to post a progress report comment here ).

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