Rebuild and Upgrade Aston Martin Fuel Pump Modules

Rebuilding and Upgrading Aston Martin Fuel Pump Modules Ethanol in today’s gasoline (gasohol) is double the percentage added to gasoline during the early and mid 2000’s when Aston Martins like the DB7, Vanquish, DB9, DBS V12 and Vantage were being built. The Aston Martin fuel pump and related components on these cars were not designed …

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Car Collection Management

Car Collection Management We can manage  your car collection, whether it is an enthusiast collection, an investment grade vehicle collection or a blend of both. Exoticars was founded in 1979. We’ve grown from a one-man garage to two fully equipped shops with a team of highly skilled mechanics, technicians and specialists possessing the know how …

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Tire shaving and stenciling

blankWe decided to replicate an old tire with modern technology using tire shaving and stenciling techniques. It’s all in the details when it comes to finalizing any restoration, hot-rod, or custom car and it doesn’t stop at the tires. Everybody wants the best handling and longest lasting tires out there, but mustering up enough courage to install modern rubber on a classic is a tough pill to swallow for a lot of owners.

1971 Porsche restoration

Autobody Special

Aston Martin DB2 bodywork Hand-forming metal bodywork is becoming a lost art, however a specialty of ours. Utilizing our english-wheel, tig-welding, and panel-beating techniques, we can repair or create any imaginable aluminum or steel body-panel. Call us today for our autobody special winter 2017 discount pricing on PDR, paint, rust remediation, panel replacement, paint work. No job too big or too small. (908)996-4889

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