the de Groot Roadster on Leno’s Garage

de Groot Roadster  on Jay Leno’s Garage

How can we get an invitation for the de Groot roadster to be  featured  on Jay Leno’s Garage? If anyone has a clue please give us a holler. We did send him a tweet.

the de Groot roadster
the de Groot roadster at the Staten Island Angelina’s Italian car show
DG roadster at Pocono the Belle Macchine D'Italia
DG roadster at one of the last great Pocono car shows, The Belle Macchine D’Italia 2012

I guess it’s a sign of our times that it’s not enough to have the pleasure of owning a marvelous piece of unique automotive engineering. We love sharing it with people who get what realizing the dream of a custom built roadster is all about. If Christopher Runge can be featured, why not the DG roadster?

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