2005 Ferrari 612 6 speed manual2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 6 speed gated manual transmission, for sale.

Beautiful Rosso Corsa with tan and black interior.   This vehicle was meticulously converted from F1 to manual transmission by Exoticars USA, using factory parts. There is a complete record in photos of the conversion.  Vehicle was repainted to Rossa Corsa in 2018 by Exoticars USA.

VIN ZFFAA54A650139883

ODO 31,210 miles.

Full Major Service performed in November 2019.

No rust.  In perfect running condition.  Clean CARFAX.

Comes with a spare transmission – the original that was removed before conversion, all parts from the pre-conversion, as well as a number of other spare parts.

There are multiple stories online about the collectability and future potential increasing value of this particular model.

The number of 6 speed gated Ferrari F612 Scagliettis manufactured is less than 200 cars.  This is a superb example of a top condition car that can be saved for future value appreciation  or driven.  Read all about this model in Road and Track here.


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