Be road ready

road ready for Ferrari rallyWe strongly recommend checking your Ferrari or any vehicle before going on a long club drive, rally or any extended road trip. At a minimum, annually check your Ferrari thoroughly for road trip readiness and to prevent damage to car systems due to low use or prolonged storage.
Engine oil: Check oil level and the oil change due date. Change engine oil before a long road trip if you’re close to the due date to protect your engine. Check your owner’s manual for recommended motor oil types.
Transmission and differential fluids: Check your owner’s manual for fluid change intervals which are quite a bit longer than for engine oil. While your service center tech is under the car changing manual transmission oil and the differential oil, have them lubricate the drive-shaft U-joints and other grease points.
Hoses: Rubber hoses deteriorate over time. Check them for bulges or blisters which indicate weak hose walls. If hoses are cracked or blistered, replace them.
Belts: Check the engine belts for wear. On older cars, if belts are torn, cracked or showing the fiber cords, replace with new belts. A loose belt will cause loud screeching noise. If your finger can depress the belt more than a half-inch of deflection at a point halfway between pulleys the belt is stretched. If it’s old and worn, replace it. If the belt is not worn out, it should be re-tensioned, or it may fall off. On newer cars, if your car has less than 50,000 miles, the serpentine belt is probably ok but check the owners manual because they also need to be replaced at time intervals whether worn or not.
Engine coolant:. Always check that the coolant reservoir is topped up.
Don’t mix coolant types Not all coolants are the same – don’t mix them! You must check your owner’s manual for the recommended coolant, there are numerous types. Be sure to use the same coolant type as is already in the engine. If the coolant in the coolant reservoir and the radiator is rust-colored, it’s well past time for a change.
Tires: pressure: Know your recommended tire pressures. Consult your owner’s manual, check on the driver’s side door, in the glove compartment, or on the fuel filler door. Check tire pressure before you leave with a good gauge. Low tire pressures cause the tires to run hotter from the extra friction. It also wastes fuel. If a tire is not holding pressure, it has a leak and likely may blow out soon. Check for any bubbles in the tire walls and get a new tire if you spot one.
Tire date codes: Rubber tires begin to deteriorate and fall apart after 5 years, whether or not there is tread on them. Learn how to read the manufacturers date codes on your tires and replace before 5 years.
Tire wear: Check the tread on all four tires for uneven wear. If the tire tread-depth is less than 2/32” buy new tires. You can use an inexpensive tire tread gauge or in a pinch use a penny. If the depth is below Lincoln’s chin line, it’s time to change.
Brake system: Brake fluid over time attracts and absorbs moisture and will rust your brake components. Check your brake reservoir for clear colored fluid, and make sure that it is topped up. If you haven’t had a flush in a year get it done before your trip. The less you drive a car the more important brake fluid changes become. Water-laden old brake fluid also lowers the fluid’s boiling point. A lowered boiling point can lead to a squishy brake pedal.
Battery: Check that the terminals are corrosion-free and the positive and negative leads are tight. If there is corrosion – white chalky stuff on the terminals – clean it off with a wire brush. Tighten the battery leads. If one falls off while driving, it can cause a “voltage dump” that could ruin the alternator. If the starter sounds sluggish, it’s either corrosion or a failing battery.
Finally, road test the vehicle before your trip: Take a quick drive at speed and listen for noises. Be alert for vibration and watch for inoperative gauges or gauge warnings. A grinding sound at the wheel could signal a defective worn out wheel bearing or a worn CV joint. Pulling to the side may indicate worn tires, a slipped tire belt or possible alignment problem. Warped brake rotors or worn brake pads can cause your car to shimmy or squeal while braking. A soft brake pedal may indicate worn pads or bad brake fluid. Check that all exterior lights function. Headlights that flicker at idle may be caused by a loose alternator belt, a failing alternator or corroded battery terminals. Make sure intake manifolds are not obstructed with leaves and debris which could cause a fire.


Paint and Autobody Specials

autobody special Aston Martin DB2 bodywork
classic car bodywork – Aston Martin DB2

Autobody Specials

We hope everyone had a great Summer 2017. With the winter months approaching we’re offering autobody specials and discounts on concours quality paint work for exotic, sports and special interest cars. We serve the NJ, PA and entire northeast area. Call us if you require enclosed transportation.

Our autobody shop  usually has a backlog but currently we have openings for new jobs. That puts YOU in the driver’s seat! Please call if you’d like to discuss your autobody and paint requirements and schedule an appointment for a consultation and estimate. If you’d prefer to email photos in advance that would be helpful.

autobody specials Lamborghini Countach paintwork
fully repainted Lamborghini Countach

Call us today for special discount pricing on PDR (paintless dent repair), paint, paint restoration, bare metal repainting, rust remediation, panel replacement, or panel fabrication. If you love your exotic or sports car, let us help you preserve it  and to look its best. Our paint and body work is performed to the highest standards. We put our hearts and souls into every car.

New enclosed transporter
New enclosed transporter

Quality Autobody Specials – No job is too big or too small

We can help with minor collision repair, rust remediation, paint correction, buffing, PDR, trim repair and polishing, headlight polishing, minor and major restorations. Whether your goal is preservation, concours participation, resale preparation  or simply enhancing the appearance of your favorite car we will give you an honest expert appraisal and an estimate for services offered.

  • Top quality autobody work
  • Honest – check our online reputation
  • Dependable – we stand behind our work and our commitments to you
  • We work with all insurance companies
  • Weekend appointment hours by request
  • Pick up and delivery services
  • Towing and roadside rescue services
  • Our service center is clean, modern and state of the art
  • Service/appointment reminders sent to your mobile phone or computer
  • Project status updates, photos, emailed or texted to your mobile phone or computer

1-888-416-7160 | 908-996-4889

our new (2017) top quality auto body downdraft paint booth
our new (2017) top quality auto body downdraft paint booth

Ferrari Fall Festival with the FCA

Ferrari Fall Festival 2017 FCA Penn Jersey Region
Client’s 1966 Ferrari 330GTS wins platinum award



Ferrari Fall Festival

This past Sunday we celebrated the 70th birthday of Ferrari with the PennJersey region of the Ferrari Club of America. Our clients’ 1990 Ferrari F40 and 1967 Ferrari 330GTC took home platinum awards!


1949 Ferrari 166 SN 004 We were all treated to a display of the 2nd oldest Ferrari built, 1949 166 SN 004.

1990 Ferrari F40 wins platinum at 2017 FCA PJR Ferrari Fall Festival
Ferrari F40 Client’s newly restored 1990 Ferrari F40 wins platinum at 2017 FCA PJR Ferrari Fall Festival (with Wil de Groot)

Despite threatened rain there was a great turnout by club members bringing vintage, classic and the latest model Ferraris.

To see an outstanding collection of cars brought to the event, follow the club on Facebook at Follow the FCA PennJersey Region on Facebook


Lamborghini LM002 Rocking the AACA

Lamborghini LM002 American
Wil de Groot with ‘Rambo Lambo’ Lamborghini LM002 American

Taking a throwback look to 2016 when our client’s Lamborghini LM002 American was a featured display for a season at the American Automobile Club Association Museum (AACA)  in Hershey, PA. Here is Wil de Groot on display with this highly desirable ‘American’ model, of which only 60 were built. (Note: Wil was not a permanent part of the exhibit).

This 26 year old rare Italian SUV was treated to some extensive autobody refinishing at Exoticars USA to bring it back to its full glory. The story of these late 80s raging bulls is fascinating so please do go to Wikipedia or a Lamborghini fan site and read more.

If you are into automotive history and your are visiting the area, we heartily recommend a trip to the museum. Spanning three floors, the museum facilities are top notch and there are always interesting vehicles on exhibit.

Click on the logo to go straight to the AACA website for directions, a list of current exhibits and complete information.

The AACA is a member of the Smithsonian Institution Affiliations Program.



Happy 4th of July Lamborghini Countach

three Lamborghini Countach
3 stunning Lamborghini Countach

Happy Independence Day! Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July.

What better was to celebrate our freedoms and forget about the trials of the world for an few hours than to peel down the road in a classic Lamborghini Countach.

three classic Ferrari

…or in a classic Ferrari.


We hope everyone gets an opportunity to drive their favorite sports car this weekend

Ferrari service Exoticars USA NJLamborghini Miura serviceLamborghini Gallardos birds eye

Exotic car consignment sales
Lamborghini Countach, Diablo, Ferrari 365BB and 360 Modena
3 Lamborghini LM002s

SPRING! …are you ready? Auto repair basics

auto repair basics for Ferrari Maserati
Be ready for the road this Spring!

It’s been a long winter 2017 in the Northeast.  Finally, Spring is here!  Is your prized sports car ready to launch onto the track or tear down the road trouble free?  If not and you encounter problems when you take the cover off and turn the key here’s a great intuitive article on auto repair basics we spotted on the FTC Consumer Protection website.  Call us if you need help!

The more you know about your vehicle, the more likely you’ll be able to head off repair problems.  Click the link to read about trouble shooting problems with your

  • Alternator
  • Battery
  • Starter
  • Exhaust system
  • Tune-up – what is a tune up for modern cars
  • Fluids – identify fluids and check for source of puddles
  • Smells – identify problem sources by their odor
  • Sounds – squeaks, squeals, rattles, rumbles, and other sounds
  • Feel -difficult handling, rough ride, vibration and poor performance are symptoms you can feel. They almost always indicate a problem.


Great article covering the basics that every car owner should be familiar with, whether you’re driving a LaFerrari or it’s your child’s VW.


Our new enclosed transporter

Ferrari LaFerrari at the 2016 FCA Fall Festival
Ferrari LaFerrari at the 2016 FCA Fall Festival

We helped save the day at the 2016 Annual FCA Ferrari Fall Festival when a LaFerrari broke down en route to the show in the center of town.


2016 FCA Ferrari Fall Festival
2016 FCA Ferrari Fall Festival starring LaFerrari

It was a thrill to see this phenomenal Ferrari at the show and equally thrilling to be the rescue operator loading and carrying the amazing exotic to the show in our newly deployed transporter.