Scuff and Buff on a Cobra

This is the real thing. Even though it is not a sixties vintage car the eighties version is an actual Cobra, not a replica. This car is in good shape and just needs a little help with the paint finish.

We have washed the car, removed the trim that would otherwise get in the way and wet-sanded the entire body with 2000 grit. The goal is to remove just enough material to level any orange-peel. We took the opportunity to touch-up the small chips that any car collects if actually driven on the street. I for one would rather have to deal with chips than to own a museum piece.

Carefully compounding and polishing the sanded paint leaves a brilliant shine. This job took only about two days but the result was really striking.


2 Replies to “Scuff and Buff on a Cobra”

  1. NICE!!~

    The car isn’t bad either. *smiles*


    Nice site Randy, keep those pictures coming!~

  2. Tracy,

    You just can’t argue with good taste – so we won’t 😉

    We’ll ask Randy to write and post more pics (of the cars) soon.


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