the Origins of C&C?

Bucks County Exotics C&C Doylestown, PA Dec 3 2011

Curious when and where the first ‘Cars and Coffee’ weekend morning mall parking lot meet up took place and who coined the term.  Pre-dating Starbucks I’m sure, although we all appreciated having hot drinks and a fireplace available to warm up during the 3 hour meet this past frigid  Saturday at the Bucks County Exotics C&C in Doylestown, PA.  We enjoyed the impromptu nature of this social gathering of a diverse collection of cars and owners without the time consuming aspects of a full blown car show.  There are at least 5 C&C clubs within a 50 mile drive of our Milford, NJ shop: Doylestown, West Chester, Cherry Hill, Princeton and Bedminster.  We’d like to attempt to consolidate the calendars for those clubs on our events calendar, ‘spare time’ being the limiting factor.  If you have  time and haven’t already done so, check out one of the remaining C&Cs in our area before the salt hits the roads.  We plan to be at the ‘Cars and Croissants’ meet in Bedminster on December 18th.