Tech Inspection

Inspection Mechanical Safety

Whether your goal is a pre purchase inspection or to be ready for a track event, we ensure your Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin or Lamborghini is mechanically safe. We offer a comprehensive technical inspection service for all models, vintage through new. For road driving and track events all systems (brakes, tires, clutch, engine, suspension, electrical, steering, fluids, safety equipment, etc.) are checked and evaluated for safety, speed and reliability.

Technical Inspection

Technical inspection for track events includes (per Ferrari Club of America):

Externally confirm safety integrity of recent vehicle work or work since last FCA track event.

Indicate recent work to fuel, electrical, lubrication or cooling systems.

Brake fluid – DOT 4 or better, less than four months old at time of track event Date last changed: _________________

Reservoir full and clear

Brake pedal – firm and high

Brake calipers, cylinders, lines, and hoses – no leaks or bulges, everything serviceable and suitable

Brake lights – bright

Steering – no excessive play, no binding

Tie rod ends – no excessive wear

Suspension – no excessive wear or weakness of springs, shocks, and other components

Ball joints, kingpins – no excessive wear

Front wheel bearings – correct play, tightness meets specifications

Wheels – true, serviceable and suitable (check wire wheel spokes)

Car battery cut off operational (if installed – required for race prepared cars)

Tires – Race-prepared cars: suitable to purpose and era. Street cars: most may use either racing tires or DoT approved tires. The specific DoT tire must have a speed rating appropriate for the maximum expected track speed. Convertible without a roll bar must use DoT tires with the appropriate speed rating – Local rules apply if more restrictive

Accessory drive belts – good condition, proper tightness

Hoses, fuel lines, wires – good condition, securely fastened

Engine, transmission, differential – absence of excessive leaks, mounts tight

Other leaks – oil, grease, water, gasoline – nothing out of the ordinary

Battery – hold down secure, caps tight, terminals clean

Throttle – quick and positive return action

Driveshaft, half-shafts, joints, CV boots and bearings sound and secure – no excessive play

Exhaust system – sound, secure, and no leaks

Body and frame – no loose panels, dangerous protrusions or structural decay

Seatbelts – in good condition (not frayed) and properly installed. Racing belts less than 5 years old.

Fire System or Extinguisher – If installed must be with metal bracket, accessible to the driver Comments, Recent Work, Disassembly or Repairs

Pre Purchase Inspection

We inspect vehicles prior to purchase in our shop, with access to a lift and diagnostic tools. We also offer ‘post purchase inspection’ service for newly purchased vehicle.