About Exoticars USA

Ferrari conversion gated gear shifter
Ferrari 6-speed conversion

Exoticars USA service area

Exoticars USA has been in the business of auto restoration and service since 1979.  We’ve attracted and retained a discerning clientele principally from the Mid-Atlantic region (NJ, NY, PA, CT, DC, VA, WV, MD, DE) and from as far away as Japan. We are equipped to service modern models of Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Lamborghini. We also have the knowledge set and specialized tools to keep older models in top mechanical  condition.

If you are interested in restoring and possibly showing your Ferrari or other prized sports car you will find us with our clients’ cars winning awards at the finest shows in the area: the Radnor Hunt, Cavallino Classic, the Greenwich Concours, the FCA Pennsylvania and Garden State concours, the Hershey Elegance, Amelia Island, St. Michaels and the Pinehurst Concours. Let us help you ‘be there’ with a freshly restored Ferrari or other prized classic. Please let us know your goals and expectations and we’ll take you there.

2017 new downdraft paint spray-booth
2017 new downdraft paint spray-booth for top quality paint finish
New enclosed transporter
2016 New enclosed transporter

Our mission:

  • To provide personalized, considerate service to all customers.
  • To provide world class independent Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and classic Jaguar service, as good or better than the dealership.
  • To perform all work efficiently, correctly and at a fair price.
  • To continuously upgrade our tools and knowledge to stay current with manufacturers’ service and repair practices.
  • To stand behind all our products and services.
  • To keep our customers’ cars safe, enjoyable and reliable.


Wil de Groot's hand-built aluminum bodied roadster photo: Carlyle Murcielago

Partner, founder and shop manager Wil de Groot is personally involved and oversees the technical aspects of every job at Exoticars USA. Our business has its roots in mechanical service and fabrication of racing cars, formerly operating as Exoticars of Hunterdon, Wil has been involved for over 30 years with racing, producing show winning restorations, concours judging, enthusiast clubs, vintage racing and track events. He has acquired a reputation for providing innovative, perfectionist, honest service and gained an extensive network of contacts in the automotive world. Wil has a lifelong passion for exotic cars, sports cars, mechanics, automotive history and racing starting with racing Formula Ford in the ’70s. Wil currently is a Ferrari Club of America officer and concours judge. He is a mechanic, designer, fabricator and machinist. Above all, he is passionate about the cars we service, the history of the cars, and the people who also share the passion.

Wil and Sandy de Groot, Partners, Exoticars USA
Partners Wil and Sandy de Groot at the FCA Pennsylvania concours. Sandy has been involved in the Ferrari world since 1995 as office manager at Exoticars USA. Prior to that she worked for IBM and AT&T as a computer programmer and business analyst.


auto technician teamOur team of experienced auto technicians is inspired to perform in concert to the highest standards.

They are trained in general automotive repairs, welding, machining, mechanical drawing, computer controlled engine management, emission controls, fuel injection diagnostics and repair, automotive electrical theory – diagnostics and repair, electronics, sheet metal panel forming, lofting,  turbo charging, race car driving, racing car set-up, fabrication, machining, engines, carburetors, ignition systems, air conditioning, suspension, anything Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, classic Jaguar, Aston Martin and other European special interest sports cars.

Lamborghini Diablo engine out service
Master technician Kenny Smith finishing Lamborghini engine installation
Master Autobody technician Robert 'Bob' McNamara
Master Autobody technician Robert ‘Bob’ McNamara (red shirt) with body shop techs.

Our auto body technicians are fully schooled in sheet metal panel forming, lofting, paint and body work. They are certified and experienced producing top quality auto body repairs (including PDR) and restorations. Our weldors are certified to perform aluminum welding.

Michael 'Mike' Foreman, Service Manager Exoticar USA
Service Manager Michael ‘Mike’ Foreman

Exoticars USA Service Manager Michael ‘Mike’ Foreman is ready for your call to help with scheduling service or questions. We hope to meet you at Exoticars USA soon to view our facilities and meet our team. Please call ahead for an appointment:  (908)996-4889 | 1(888)416-7160.



Exoticars USA Milford NJ facility - service, restoration all models Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Porsche.
Exoticars USA, Milford NJ facility – service, restoration for all models Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin.

Our Milford facility is equipped with the specialized tools and equipment needed to ensure our clients receive the finest diagnostics and preventive care. Our arsenal of OBD2 diagnostic software includes Lamborghini LaRA-AS and LDAS, Leonardo (servicing all modern Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini and Aston Martin) and Porsche Durametric diagnostic tools. Our auto technician team is skilled, professional, seasoned, courteous and eager to provide the best service possible.

Exoticars USA Frenchtown shop with Lamborghini Diablo and Countach Anniversary, Ferrari Boxer and Ferrari 360.
The original Exoticars USA Frenchtown shop with Lamborghini Diablo and Countach Anniversary, Ferrari Boxer and Ferrari 360.

Our Frenchtown facility houses fully equipped fabricating, auto body, paint and machine shops which enable us to expertly tackle any autobody or restoration job. We repair parts when replacement costs more, and we fabricate parts that are no longer available. We have worldwide connections to obtain rare items.

Lamborghini Aventador with custom carbon fiber body upgrades.
Lamborghini Aventador with custom carbon fiber body upgrades.
Aston Martin service
An array of Aston Martin in for service at Exoticars USA Milford, NJ