Your pride and joy should be ready and able at all times to go to a concours or vintage racing or just blasting down your favorite road with the top down if possible. With this in mind, good Ferrari maintenance is the key to preservation and trouble-free driving.

Keeping your prized possession in peak running order requires periodic checking, adjusting, lubricating and even replacing various parts and sub-systems.

Remember, for infrequently driven vehicles, the fluids and rubber parts are impacted more by time than by mileage.

We perform the factory recommended Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati 15K, 30K, 60K minor and major services. For your Aston Martin Annually plus all recommended services at 10K, 20K, 30K, 40K miles .

Serving NJ, NY, PA, MD, DC or call to arrange long distance transportation.

In general*  we recommend a 2-year maintenance program:


  • change engine oil and filter
  • flush and bleed brake and clutch hydraulic systems
  • check/change air filter
  • check/change hepa filter
  • check hoses and belts
  • check all fluids
  • check for leaks
  • check battery and connections
  • check all lights
  • check exhaust system
  • check clutch condition/operation
  • check suspension components, shocks, springs, etc.
  • check brake condition/operation
  • check steering components
  • check CV joint boots
  • check wheels and tires
  • clean/remove moisture trapping dirt in underbody area
  • check for signs of rodent presence
  • complete lubrication

Alternate years, above service plus:

  • drain and flush cooling system
  • test radiator cap
  • change transmission/transaxle fluids
  • MotorVac CarbonClean fuel system service

Additionally every five years:

  • inspect/replace belts and hoses
  • replace timing belt(s)

Every 15K*

  • minor service

Every 30K*

  • major service

For Aston Martin*:

every 10000 or once a year:

  • 10000/1st year        oil filter
  • 20000/2nd year       oil filter, pollen filters, brake fluid change and replacement wiper blades
  • 30000/3rd year        oil filter, air filters
  • 40000/4th year        oil filter, pollen filters, brake fluid change, transaxle oil change and wipers

* for all vehicle makes please always consult your owner’s manual


The body and interior also require looking-after on a fairly regular basis to preserve the value of your investment. We have the know-how, experience and enthusiasm to perform any and all maintenance tasks to keep your vintage, classic or late model exotic car reliable, powerful, original and beautiful: clean, buff and wax the exterior, detail the interior, apply rust proofing, rodent protection or any other up-keep requirements you may have.

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