three Lamborghini CountachIf you are happy with the  service at Exoticars USA…

Please share your experience with Exoticars USA by clicking Write a review on Google. A link is at the bottom of this page.  We care for all our customers’ prized sports cars as if they were our own. We hope you’ll choose us to continue providing world class service for years to come.

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We want you to be completely satisfied with every visit to our repair center!  If you were unhappy with your experience at our shop please let us know right away.   Please call and ask to speak with service or the owners.  We listen to any and all feedback and take great pains to adjust our business model or customer service model as necessary.

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“Thanks for a great repair job, the car is working well. Cheers!”
Lamborghini Gallardo;   S.M. – New Jersey
You do a great job and your customer service is 2nd to none!”
Lamborghini LP640; T.M. – Pennsylvania
Just wanted to say “thank you” for the fine job fixing up my baby this week. .. I appreciate you taking such good care of her as she means so much to me. I drove home with a big smile again tonight. Thanks again for your help.”
Ferrari 458;   E.S. – New Jersey
I am very pleased with the work that was done…….car is working better then it ever did……..the work done was priced reasonably.”
Lamborghini Diablo; P.P. – Connecticut
Thanks for your expert service on my Ferrari 360 Spider. It was a pleasure to work with a company that is organized, polite, and has integrity towards their customers. The service you did was done at a very reasonable cost as well.  I will recommend you to my friends.”
Ferrari 360;   J.P. – New Jersey

“Specialize in Italian exotica and vintage racing. Perfectionist attitude comes at a price (less expensive than big city Ferrari dealers), but they really quite understand how to put a motorcar right. To my less than experienced eye, great body work appears to come out of this shop. They do it all except stock parts; however, they have a formidable machine shop on premise to build whatever they need. They seem to do any work ranging from total restoration to minor maintenance. They successfully sorted out my suspension and eliminated drive train vibrations in my AC MK4. I was impressed with how they document their time, providing a detailed explanation of the work performed.
AC MK4; M.B. – Pennsylvania

“I can’t tell you how grateful all of us are for the intelligent and swift solutions you provided to all our problems with our exotic automobiles. It would be almost impossible to keep them up to snuff and available without you!”
Lamborghini Countach; Maserati Quattroporte; Malcolm S. Forbes –  New York

I don’t think you will find anyone around that knows the ins and outs of the Countach better thanWil. He always has a few in the shop. Some for minor work others for major work. It’s always nice to know that your investment or car depends on your definition, is well taken care of. As for prices he is very fair and competitive with others. He will go out of his way to help you and will tell you what options you haven not just the expensive ones. He is also a machinist and makes alot of parts on premises so instead of waiting months for a part he can just fabricate it.
Lamborghini Countach; M.L. –  New Jersey

“The exhaust SOUNDS incredible. Tx again for the great work!”
Lamborghini Murcielago; Ferrari 612 Scaglietti;  A.D. – New York

“The car runs like a dream. Thanks for a great  and professional job. I definitely have you on speed dial.”
Ferrari 355; T.S. – New Jersey

“The new Tubi exhaust Wil put in is awesome, makes a huge difference, I love the sound and it looks great.”
Ferrari 308GTS; A.S. – New Jersey

“Wils’ place is state of the art. At least you don’t have to pay for the pomp and circumstance at your local Lambo dealer. Great place to have your car serviced.”
Lamborghini Jalpa; F.D. –  New Jersey

…personal service,no flashy lights and associated extra high costs that you’re paying extra for…just good service. I recommend Wil to anyone with Lamborghini or Ferrari.”
Lamborghini Countach; A.C. – Connecticut

“Thank you for the unmatched work and service.”
M.G. – Washington D.C.

Wil stands behind his work, and the customer comes first.
Lamborghini Countach; J.N. – Maryland

“I would recommend Wil very highly. He knows Lamborghinis very well and did a good job of communicating with me during the process.”
Lamborghini Miura; Lamborghini Countach; Lamborghini Espada; K.M. – New Jersey

“Thank you for outstanding service. She is running fantastically.”
Lamborghini Diablo 6.0; D.C. – New Jersey

“… my car is running well. It’s a beauty. It was a pleasure to work with you and your staff. Your business is quite well run, compared with other collector car places I’ve dealt with.”
Maserati 3500; W.Z. – New Jersey

“Wil services my 6.0 He d knows the cars; he also knows how to do the work right. He can custom fabricate- he is creative, and he is thorough. I cannot speak highly enough of him. In comparison to my experience at a number of highly regarded dealer shops, Wil is, almost without exception, on another, higher level of service and attentiveness to detail.   With this car- my first Lambo, after a succession of Ferraris- he has made ownership something that is smooth and easy, rather than the horrorshow I always believed Lamboland involved.”
Lamborghini Diablo 6.0; B.H. – New York

“I finally had an opportunity to take the car for a ride. There isn’t any question that the engine is performing the way Enzo wanted it to perform. The car is strong, the carbs kick in and the car tracks well. The car runs very strong.”
Ferrari 365GTC4; M.K. – New York

“…most important, they were able to see how strong my car ran. They all agree, you have a very good advantage over other shops….a machine shop and ability to fabricate parts.”
Lamborghini Countach; P.K. – Connecticut

“…the Miura runs like it’s brand new and terrorizes all kinds of V-8 cars in this part of the country.”
Lamborghini: Miura and Countach; J.S. – West Virginia

“Thanks for your advice on pressurizing the oiling system after letting the car sit. Steve at ###### tried it and it worked.  I appreciate you being available to give advice to me. ”
Lamborghini Countach; J.N. – Maryland

“Thank you to you and your entire staff for the extremely fine work you have done on my cars.  I am sure this will continue for years to come.”
Jaguar E-type Series 1 coupe; Morris Mini Cooper; Austin Healey 100-4;  Lotus Super Seven; B.B.- New Jersey

“Thanks a million for your help with this buggy (’87 Countach). It’s a rare relief to find craftsmanship as comprehensive as Wil and the fellows have there. Great!”
Lamborghini Countach; Lamborghini Miura; D.K. – Calgary, Canada

“I have the car up for sale on ebay but the more I drive it the less I really want to sell it…it is clear to me that you are an individual of integrity. ”
Aston Martin Lagonda; B.R. – New Jersey

“If you live in the general NYC/Washington DC area, go to Exoticars.  Wil will get the job done. I have never been more satisfied.”
Maserati Ghibli; Maserati Bora; S.S. – New York City, New York

“I was thrilled to see the results of your restoration of my 400 GT 2+2.”
Lamborghini 400GT; P.B. –  New York

“I wouldn’t consider buying anything without having Wil look at it first.”
Maserati Bi-turbo; H.G. –  New York

“the man DEFINATELY knows Lambos, and I am very happy with his
knowledge and professionalism.”
Lamborghini Countach QV; D.Q. – Pennsylvania

“Not only do you possess a most superior understanding of automotive engineering, but you also provide your customers with a first class diagnostic and maintenance service. As importantly, you have that rare (and refreshing) quality in your industry of being fair, honest, and reliable.”
Jaguar E-Type; D.W. –  New York


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