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For exceptional Ferrari service and Ferrari repairs in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, please contact Wil de Groot at Exoticars USA.

Exoticars USA has been in business servicing and restoring Italian Exotics and racing & track cars since 1979. Please call for an appointment (908)996-4889 | 1(888)416-7160 Visit our Ferrari gallery.

We have two facilities in Milford, NJ and in nearby Frenchtown, NJ.  Both shops are located along the Delaware River (Hunterdon County) opposite Bucks County PA.  It is a beautiful area and if you to visit our shop you will enjoy the drive and our river towns.  If you cannot visit, we can provide enclosed transportation for your Ferrari.

Fully equipped with Ferrari tools, skill, experience and computer diagnostic equipment

We are fully equipped with the tools, skill, experience and computer diagnostic equipment to service all models, vintage Ferrari through the latest modern Ferrari models.

Ferrari Testarossa major service, mechanical repairs and body work.

During the winter season, consider having your  minor or Ferrari major services performed so you will not miss any of the driving season.

Our goals are the same as yours: To follow Ferrari recommended service schedules to protect your Ferrari and ensure optimum performance. To utilize Ferrari best practices and genuine Ferrari parts for all services. To correct any vehicle imperfections, whether mechanical or body related. To maximize driving pleasure and protect ownership value.

Ferrari Club of AmericaWe are Ferrari owners, too. We encourage you to join our regional chapter of the Ferrari Club of America, to meet like minded members who enjoy events with their Ferraris, and to stay informed of local and national events and opportunities of interest to Ferrari owners.

Ferrari major service, minor service, mechanical repairs - all models

Whether you are considering purchasing your first Ferrari, or have been a long time Ferrari owner,  contact us.

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