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“Although Mike… liked his 575M, he wasn’t a fan of its F1 transmission — so he had the car converted to a stick-shift…”

“What started as a search for more power soon spiralled out of control…”


“Exoticars USA opening new location in Alexandria…”


“Wil de Groot understands that the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys. Ask him about his start…”


“The story goes that Ferruccio Lamborghini, a self-made millionaire and manufacturer of farm equipment, wasn’t happy with the clutch…”

“The Vauxhall was repaired and restored by Wil de Groot in Frenchtown, N.J. whose shop found…”

“Lorrie Stern put her stamp on a 1974 Lamborghini…”

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Ferrari 308 Major Service

Ferrari 308 Major Service

In the 1970s Ferrari began producing engines with external timing belts instead of internal timing chains. This includes the Ferrari Boxer, the Ferrari Testarossa, the 308, the 348, the Ferrari 355.  Every 5 years Ferrari recommends a major service, which includes changing the 2 engine timing belts.

Ferrari Autobody 488 Paintwork

Ferrari Autobody 488 Paintwork

Providing Ferrari autobody in NJ. A little custom paint work really jazzed up this Ferrari 488. We blacked out the roof and the outer sill-panels and the white 488 went from a bit bland to a little more racy, giving it the look of a 488 Pista.

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