Ferrari transmission conversion

Ferrari transmission conversion

Recently we completed a Ferrari transmission conversion project for a client who bought an F1 Ferrari 575 Maranello, after he was unable to locate a suitable, increasingly-scarce 6-speed manual example. It is not news that Ferrari transmission conversion for Ferrari 575many Ferrari enthusiasts are happier driving with a manual transmission vs the steering column mounted ‘paddle shift’ F1 semi-automatic gear-shifting. We were challenged with the assignment to convert the F1 transmission over to traditional manual stick-shift. We were able to locate the necessary parts and custom machined some extras fittings that were needed. End result? A happy customer driving his Ferrari the way Enzo intended. For track driving, F1 shifting is quicker and more efficient. For pleasurable street driving, nothing beats the original manual shifting mechanics. We think it is a shame that more and more manufacturers no longer manufacture models with a manual transmission option.

As the man said: “Real men use 3 pedals.”   What do you think?



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