Ferrari parts sticky no more

A recently received shipment of beautifully restored Ferrari interior parts, thanks to ‘Sticky No More’ Inc.

Ferrari parts sticky

Are your interior Ferrari parts sticky? The best present you could give your significant other Ferrari owner is a ‘sticky no more‘ treatment to rid interior buttons, control knobs, ashtrays, etc. of the horrible tacky, gooey surface these pieces acquire over time.  These sticky parts cannot be cleaned in place on many models , due to the tiny original white markings which rub off during the cleaning process.

Our solution to eliminate the stickiness is to carefully remove all the affected pieces and ship them to well known expert Robbie Padgett in MD for top notch restoration.  The pieces are cleaned and the original style markings are carefully laser etched. We have never been dissatisfied with this service and recommend this solution to correct the awful interior sticky part nightmare that really degrades the Ferrari driving experience.

Consider having this service done over the winter non-driving months as well as any other cosmetic items to avoid having your Ferrari in the shop during the good driving months.