The sloppy and clunky feel of the OEM Lotus Exige shifter wasn’t cutting it for one of our local racers. The beautiful BRG Lotus has been campaigned by John and his son on many of the circuits around the east coast since 2008, but was in much need of a more-positive shifting experience.

The decision was made to install the InoKinetic shiftR111 along with their upgraded shift cables and an adjustable transmission linkage assembly.

Both front seats were removed, cables replaced, and transmission linkage all installed in the first day. Great attention was paid towards the adjustable linkage set up to replicate similar movement travels of the OEM piece. This process is definitely not something you’d enjoy doing twice as it is a super tricky spot to access -impossible without the aid of a lift. Wrapping up the install of the very mechanical looking shiftR111 unit onto the Exige’s floor included just one modification,  the passenger seat had to be spaced up half an inch to clear the OEM seatbelt to shifter area.