Ethanol in today’s gasoline (gasohol) is double the percentage added to gasoline during the early and mid 2000’s when Aston Martins like the DB7, Vanquish, DB9, DBS V12 and Vantage were being built. The Aston Martin fuel pump and related components on these cars were not designed for the corrosive action of ethanol.

We have been seeing seals, filters and hoses deteriorate and fuel-pumps completely seized from ethanol-enriched gasoline being run through these vehicles.

OEM Aston Martin Fuel Pump

The cost of a new OEM Aston Martin fuel-pump module can be $1200 depending on application and certain models require 2 pumps. We are able to rebuild the original modules and upgrade them to handle modern gasoline with higher ethanol content. We rebuild using flex-fuel grade pump-motors, filters and gaskets which are designed to operate in an 85% ethanol to gasoline environment (E85) and we do it at a much lower cost than OEM.

Upgrading to flex-fuel specification fuel-pump modules helps ensure peace of mind and smooth operation whether you plan on storing your car for a few months or the next road-trip.

Flex-fuel (or E85) compatible

Even though we use flex-fuel (or E85) compatible components, this doesn’t mean the engine can run on E85 fuel. There are multiple other factors in the fuel injection system that aren’t flex-fuel designed such as fuel-lines, injectors and the engine-control-unit software. We still recommend using the lowest percentage of ethanol rated fuel available as this will allow the best performance and longevity of your vehicle’s fuel system but you will not have to worry about fuel-pump failure due to incompatibility with modern fuels.