Continuing on the issue of ethanol in fuel we came across an interactive map of gas stations supplying ethanol-free pure gasoline on the Pure Gas website.  Unfortunately we do not see any sources of ethanol-free gas in NJ.  The percentage of ethanol in fuel is going to increase every year by Federal law.  Best advice? Drive your Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, Aston Martin or other collector car when you can through the winter and don’t let it sit! Fuel should be used up within a 3 month period or it will grow stale.  Change your fuel filters more frequently and be sure to add an ethanol fuel treatment (we recommend ‘Sta-Bil’ and ‘Star Tron’) especially when storing your vehicle.  The first casualties to ethanol will be fuel hoses and fuel pumps, followed by any plastic or rubber part in the fuel delivery system, gas tank, etc.