Is your collector or exotic car languishing in the garage for too long, allowing fuel to get old? Avoid the corrosive effects of ethanol on your vehicle’s fuel system plastic and rubber parts by driving your car! We liked this article found on the Hemmings Daily blog, which recommends battling ethanol-related fuel problems by:

  • Replacing plastic or rubber fuel lines with ethanol-resistant hose or nylon tubing.
  • Installing a water separator filter in the carburetor fuel line. Water collects in the filter and can be removed periodically.
  • Replacing fiberglass tanks with steel or aluminum.
  • Keeping your tank full to prevent air space where condensation can form.
    Stabil keeps gas from turning to varnish for a period of time. However, this is a completely different chemistry than locking up water molecules that the ethanol creates. The suffix “ol” in ethanol means alcohol and alcohol means a hydrogen and oxygen looking for another hydrogen. Therefore Stabil does not bind with water molecules and does not save your system from the ravishes of moisture in the fuel system. Don’t neglect annual fluid changes!The full article by Jim O’Clair is essential reading (and we found this great print ‘Reading Ferrari Concours d’Elegance’ by Ken Eberts of a 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB at his gallery on – fine art and a favorite local car show that will never grow stale!)