Lamborghini Miura Restoration in NJ

Lamborghini Miura Restoration project arrivalLamborghini Miura Restoration in NJ

Over the years many Lamborghini Miura restorations have passed through our doors. Since we currently have 2 Miura projects in-house, an engine rebuild and a complete ground up restoration, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share the journey for anyone in the midst of a restoration or contemplating taking the plunge.

The Miura pictured above was non-running when it arrived at Exoticars USA.  After some preliminary engine work (carburetors, gaskets, rough set timing, new spark plugs and wires), we took a video of the first time the engine had been started after a 25 year sleep:

Lamborghini Miura fire suppression system

Lamborghini Miuras

blue Lamborghini MiuraWe’ve previously blogged about Lamborghini Miura restoration (wheels) , about adding an essential fire protection system in the engine compartment, about Miura engine rebuilding and about restoration work in general.


Lamborghini Miura service

Lamborghini Miura engine reinstallation after rebuild

Lamborghini Miura SV

We will revisit this subject again and build a story about the processes involved in getting one of these iconic beauties out of the barn and back on the road.