We powder coated the wheels black. We like the new look.

Powder coating is a great process yielding stunning results for wheels and all kinds of parts.

Leather dashes shrink, unfortunately. Here the black leather on the dash had shrunk along the forward edge at the base of the windshield, leaving sections of the yellow structure underneath showing. It obviously did not look very nice that way. We removed the dash (not a simple task) and it was clear that not enough leather was left folded over the edge and glued down when the car was built. We sewed large leather patches onto the skimpy tabs left by the factory, both to have something to pull on and to have more leather surface area to glue down to the back of the dash. We soaked the outer dash leather, stretched it, pulled it back over the edge, glued it all down and re-installed the dash. The result was a few stretch marks in the leather on top of the dash but it looks 99% better than it did. We could have installed new leather but the car’s owner didn’t want to go that far and was very happy with the result.