winter service special for Ferrari 246GT Dino coupe
Ferrari 246GT Dino coupe in for winter service special

Winter service special

Schedule your winter service special or Fall Service for fluid change/inspection, major and minor services, other manufacturer recommended maintenance. All good things come to an end, including the driving season.
Call today 908-996-4889 | 1-888-416-7160 or E-mail us: to   If you did not change your fluids during the driving season, do it now before storing your car for the winter. Oil deteriorates, brake fluid absorbs water and coolant loses its effectiveness over time.

New enclosed transporter
New enclosed transporter

We offer pick up and delivery service by fully enclosed transportation for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin and classic Jaguar. We’ve been proudly providing world class service to the NJ, PA, NY, CT, VA and MD exotic car community since 1979.

Call for our Ferrari or Lamborghini major service cost and we’ll have it done while the roads are snow covered. We offer all mechanical services, custom fabrication, machining, and engine rebuilding. Our award winning paint and auto body work is discounted during the winter months.

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