annual brake fluid change prevent rusted brake pistons

Rusted brake pistons result from infrequently changed brake fluid. Over time, brake fluid absorbs water which rusts the steel surfaces of brake pistons, which then destroy perishable caliper seals as they travel through the brake caliper bores.

Please call us to schedule your annual brake fluid change  to prevent damage to your Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin brake and clutch hydraulic systems. Brake and clutch hydraulic fluids are subject to heat and water absorption. To avoid the possibility of a drop of accumulated condensation ever freezing and blocking a brake line, brake fluid was designed to disperse that water throughout the system. The problem is that the water disperses all the way to the brake piston seals which have oxygen from the atmosphere just on the other side.

What do you get when water, oxygen and iron get together? Rust! When old stale brake fluid is allowed to sit long enough, as in an exotic sports car which is only driven occasionally, a ring of rust develops just behind the brake piston seal. The seal that has to have a smooth bore to slide on, is now running over rust and pitting! The result? Leakage.

Equally important is to change your oil. For seldom driven vehicles, even if it looks clean, the oil in your sports car deteriorates over time and loses lubricating ability. Similarly the components in coolant settle, reducing its effectiveness.  We cannot stress preventive maintenance enough and the chief item is annual fluid changes.