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autobody sepecial new downdraft paint booth

2017 new downdraft paint spray booth


Welcome to our new Accudraft paint booth which will increase depth, shine, and luster to our already award-winning paint while cutting down on time and cost.
This booth has been developed to optimize air-draft technology and draw temperature controlled air underneath a car as opposed to a conventional side-draft unit. It’s double-filtered design ensures an unmatched dustless painting environment. Cleanliness, paint thickness, and clear-coat clarity are just a few advantages to our new high tech paint booth.
This is the same exact booth Lamborghini is currently using in their factory in Italy due to its superior results.
Lamborghini factory paint booth

Lamborghini factory paint booth by Accudraft

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Ferrari F40 restoration - Best in Show winner! September 2016

Ferrari F40 Best in Show

Aston Martin DB2 bodywork

Metal forming is a specialty of ours. Utilizing our english-wheel, tig-welding, and panel-beating techniques, we can repair or create any imaginable aluminum or steel body-panel.

Our lead body-tech Bob has been with us over 17 years making sure every classic and exotic car leaves perfect. Paul is a young restoration-degree holding specialist. Fred is a versatile worker who takes care of media-blasting and detailing. All of our staff are eager to please and proud of their products. Give us a call or stop in for an estimate.
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