Ferrari F360 and F355 Spyder
Ferrari F360 and F355 Spyder

blankblankWe saved a customer a bundle by installing aftermarket headers and catalytic converters following a catastrophic exhaust meltdown. The stock Ferrari pipes are too thin, similar to the Achilles heel of Lamborghini Diablos. We replaced the headers with better grade stainless steel aftermarket parts and upgraded the catalytic converters. We had to test afterwards with our SD2 setup to ensure the engine was running correctly with the new hardware and add more insulation to help prevent a similar future occurrence as a
safeguard. The sports racing catalytic converters and header upgrades are also available for 328, 348, 360 and 430.

blankHere we’re taking a peek deep inside of a catalytic converter on a Lamborghini Diablo using a “Visual Inspection Device” which displays live color video from an imaging sensor and lighting source connected to a flexible cable. It doesn’t look like it was damaged by a short episode of running hot due to an engine management malfunction. It could have been much worse. Never drive with the Check-Engine-Light activated. It could be warning you of something benign but the light could also be trying to tell you a catastrophe is about to happen and please stop and shut off the engine!

– Post by Sandy

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