Renew Ferrari Suspension

renew your Ferrari suspension

Ferrari suspension components

Many owners are getting to the point where their Ferrari suspension bushings are in need of replacement. Age is never kind to rubber, as the ozone breaks it down and you are left with a car that just does not feel like a Ferrari. New OEM rubber bushings work great, but are very expensive (over $100 for each bushing for just the wishbones….and there are 16 total!). Then you must add in the labor to press out the bushings, clean/inspect the housings and re-press in. This all adds up to a very expensive bill that does not even address steering components and shocks, wear items that also greatly affect the driving experience of your Ferrari.

We have been using aftermarket urethane bushings in place of the OEM rubber bushings for years and feel they are the way to go when your Ferrari’s suspension is in need of an overhaul. The urethane bushings have much to offer, allowing for more direct steering (due to less deflection) and long lasting, quiet operation. We have track tested the urethane bushings over that past year, and they have performed flawlessly. If installed correctly, urethane bushings will last longer than OEM rubber bushings at less than half the cost!