1967 Ferrari 206SP at NJ Motorsports Park FCA National MeetPhotos of our customer racing his vintage 1967 206S at the Ferrari Club of America national meet at NJ Motorsports Park last fall. We restored the body, engine, suspension, transmission, electrical and fuel systems of this race car 20 years ago and we’ve been maintaining it ever since.  Beautiful photos, many thanks to the photographer, Dom Miliano.




The Ferrari Dino 206s is a rare Ferrari prototype. Only 18 ever built by Ferrari. Here is the model with it’s original bodywork.

It was a pleasure knowing and caring for this fantastic vintage Ferrari for nearly 30 years! Here is a photo from 2012 Radnor Hunt Concours taken after the 2nd restoration of this fantastic classic Ferrari.

1967 Ferrari 206SP race car
Ferrari 206S racecar

Update: The 1967 Ferrari Dino 206S has moved to another garage, following a successful auction by RM Sotheby’s.

1966 Ferrari 206S


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