NJMSP brand new Thunderbolt track

NJMSP brand new Thunderbolt track

Thunderbolt Track

We had an awesome time yesterday at the brand spanking new NJ Motorsport Park in Millville, NJ . Organized by the relatively new tri-state based Exotics Rally.  About 100 exotic car owners turned out for this charity run from Edgewater NJ to south Jersey to tour the phenomenal new raceway, so new the grass hasn’t even started growing.

Visit the Exotics Rally  website for more and info on how to participate in future events.

Following a snail’s pace tour of the new Thunderbolt track the guys had their jollies doing some blood thirsty go karting at NJMP.

Car shows are fun too, but these cars are meant to be driven and we certainly had fun in our vintage supercharged Ferrari 308GTB alongside new Lamborghni Murcielagos, Gallardos, some older Diablos and a host of Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Corvettes, BMW, Bentley, Acura and Vipers.