Sourcing a replacement wiring harness for some classic Porsches is nearly impossible these days. The rising value of, and interest in , air-cooled 911s has dried up the once abundant “parts cars” and many new harnesses are no longer available.

Pictured here is a recently finished electrical harness restoration we performed for a 1985 Porsche 911 Cabriolet that suffered through the indignity of years of abuse, rodents, alarm and stereo system hack-ins, scotch-lock splices, short-circuits, etc.

New, original-style terminal-blocks, grommets, etc. were no longer available so we painstakingly restored the harness using rehabilitated original parts where possible and new terminals. Every wire and connection was painstakingly inspected by hand and eye and tested with an Ohm-meter. All remotely defective wires were properly repaired or replaced. All terminals and splices were soldered and shrink-wrapped. All wire bundles were rewound with original style looming tape. Most importantly, everything electrical now works. We have a happy client and the pride of another job well done

Repairing any wiring after a fire is something we can do.