The Lamborghini differential differential

Photo: D. CarlsonLAMBORGHINI DIABLO VT FRONT DIFFERENTIAL VS HANDLING QUALITY lamborghini differentialSubstantial vehicle weight reduction can be achieved and increased handling quality, both low speed handling (as in parking) and high speed handling, can be greatly improved on on the Diablo VT by removing the front differential along with the front drive-shaft and the half-shafts which carry the power out to the front wheels. As you know, the front tires control the direction the car is going in. Asking those tires to also put down major amounts of power at the same time is just not a good idea. In parking situations the all-wheel drive Diablo VT is difficult to maneuver as the front and rear tires fight each other, causing unpleasant jerking movements and clunking noises. In higher speed turns the car tends to want to go straight. If a tire starts losing forward traction, it also loses sideways traction. Also, the extra rotating mass of the front drive system hurt both acceleration and braking response. The Diablo VT is a whole lot more enjoyable to live with as a two-wheel-drive vehicle and the front drive components can be re-installed at any time if so desired.