Vintage Maserati

This is apparently the last competition version A615003C Maserati to survive. We’re doing restoration work on this car which includes work on the engine, engine compartment, chassis, brakes, interior, fuel system, etc. Of course almost no parts are available. Many parts that would be routinely thrown away on a more common car were repaired and quite a few missing or unrepairable components had to be custom made new.
last surviving competition version A615003C Maserati
last surviving competition version A615003C Maserati
Castellaccio racing this A615003C  in 1953
Below, Maserati A6GCS,  Maserati A6G/2000 and  Maserati 3500GT- more about these cars later.
Maserati a6gcs Maserati a6gcs Maserati A6G2000/A cabriolet 1961 Maserati 3500

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