Jaguar E-Type service for a car that epitomized style and performance in its day.  For current owners, the bad news is that they are a complicated car prone to commonly agreed upon problems.  The good news is that we can fix all of them!  See the following excerpt from’s Guide to the Jaguar E-type: “A 1969 owners survey by Road & Track revealed that there is justification for the E-Type’s reputation. Nine specific problem areas were reported by more than 10% of owners, more than for any other car. They are, in order of severity:

All fixable. We currently have 2 Etypes in the shop undergoing major restoration, including all mechanical, electrical components, fuel delivery, body panel and rust issues and will finish off with top quality autobody and paint work. Practically all replacement repair panels are still available helping enormously with the expense of ridding the body of rust (a common problem).