Do you drive a Gallardo with e-gear? Experiencing sluggish shifting? The hydraulic actuator may be failing. Your E-gear equipped Gallardo may not have a traditional shift-lever but it does have a fairly traditional gear box. A device called the hydraulic actuator does the gear shifting when the paddles at the steering wheel are pulled back. The hydraulic actuator may fail by developing an internal leak (sometimes not long after the warranty runs out). Lamborghini recommends you have a new unit installed but they’re quite pricey. A much cheaper alternative is to have it rebuilt. The accompanying photo shows three of our customers’ Gallardo E-gear hydraulic actuators recently removed for rebuilding and re-installation. At Exoticars USA we have the know-how and the special computer diagnostic equipment to do the job correctly and efficiently.

2013 Update: Lamborghini has cut the price of a new replacement gear actuator by approx. 66%. We advise replacement with the new factory part and proper calibration of the gearbox electronics, which we can do.