Saturday morning pick up at the shop for our customer retrieving his 1987 Ferrari 328GTS. He said he remembers being a teenager when the ads for the 308 came out. He tore one out of the New York Times and pinned it to his wall. Throughout various moves through high school, college and law school the Ferrari 308 ad went with him, until he framed it – and bought his Ferrari 328. 2nd owner. Sweet!

A while ago he sent us the text of the NJ historic vehicle license plate statue which permits vehicles with ‘historic’ registration to waive the annoying requirement to display front license plates. Why would anyone want front license plates on their collector car? Since his Ferrari is now over 25 years old, inspection is no longer required and it doesn’t have to have a sticker on the windshield, and registration is less expensive – $25.

Here is NEW JERSEY STATUTE 39:3-27.4. Historic motor vehicles; registration, license plates, display. “Historic motor vehicle” shall mean any motor vehicle which is at least 25 years old and which is owned as a collector’s item and used solely for exhibition and educational purposes by the owner. Any owner of an historic motor vehicle who is a resident of this State may register such motor vehicle under the provisions of this act. Application for registering an historic vehicle shall be on forms prescribed by the director. Upon proper application and payment of the prescribed fee, the director shall issue a special non-conventional registration and special license plate for each historic motor vehicle registered in this State. Such registration and license plate shall be valid during the period of time that the vehicle is owned by the registrant. The fee for such registration and license plate shall be $25.00. The license plate shall bear the word “historic” and shall be of such design and colors as the director may determine. Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S.39:3-33 or any other law to the contrary, an owner of a vehicle registered as an historic vehicle, or any vehicle manufactured before 1945, shall not be required to display more than one special license plate issued for that vehicle, which plate shall be displayed on the rear of the vehicle.