Autobody Special

Aston Martin DB2 bodywork
Hand-forming metal bodywork is becoming a lost art, however a specialty of ours. Utilizing our english-wheel, tig-welding, and panel-beating techniques, we can repair or create any imaginable aluminum or steel body-panel.


Call us today for our autobody special winter  2017 discount pricing on PDR, paint, rust remediation, panel replacement, paint work. No job too big or too small.  (908)996-4889

autobody sepecial new downdraft paint booth
2017 new downdraft paint spray booth


Welcome to our new Accudraft paint booth which will increase depth, shine, and luster to our already award-winning paint while cutting down on time and cost.
This booth has been developed to optimize air-draft technology and draw temperature controlled air underneath a car as opposed to a conventional side-draft unit. It’s double-filtered design ensures an unmatched dustless painting environment. Cleanliness, paint thickness, and clear-coat clarity are just a few advantages to our new high tech paint booth.
This is the same exact booth Lamborghini is currently using in their factory in Italy due to its superior results.
Lamborghini factory paint booth
Lamborghini factory paint booth by Accudraft

If you love your exotic or sports car, you want it to look its best. Our paint and body work is performed to the highest standards.  No job too big or too small. 1-888-416-7160

Our lead body-tech Bob has been with us over 17 years making sure every classic and exotic car leaves perfect. Paul is a young restoration-degree holding specialist. Fred is a versatile worker who takes care of media-blasting and detailing. All of our staff are eager to please and proud of their products. Give us a call or stop in for an estimate.
Exoticars USA Autobody Technicians
Ferrari F40 restoration - Best in Show winner! September 2016
Ferrari F40 Best in Show

Porsche convertible top waterproofing

Porsche convertible top waterproofingFor proper care of your Porsche Boxster or other Porsche convertible top, we can perform the manufacturer recommended Porsche convertible top waterproofing and treatment. The special Porsche convertible-top care product eliminates leakage in the convertible-top cover or at its seams or folds.


Optionally you can or you can do it yourself, annually,  following these steps:

  • Wash the top and allow to dry.
  • Mask off top to protect paint and glass ( as pictured).
  • Treat convertible-top cover with the special Porsche convertible-top care product.
  • Do not allow convertible-top care chemical to contact windows or paint.  Remove immediately if there is contact.

Recent shop photos

recent shop photos Lamborghini repair all models all servicesHere are recent shop photos. Now that spring is in full swing, winter projects are being wrapped up and more maintenance service work is passing through the shop. It is always a mix of marques, of vintage and new models, never any 2 cars the same! If you like looking at shop photos, here are some more!

Ferrar 246 Dino after service Porsche Ferrari Lamborghini service vintage Alfa Romeo serviceExoticars USA Italian exotic car serviceshop photos Jaguar E-type restoration service shop photos vintage Lamborghini engine service Ferrari Maserati Lamborghini repair at Exoticars USA Ferrari 360 bodywork Lamborghini Countach Exoticars USAExoticars USA Pantera service Exoticars USA Aston Martin serviceAston Martin service


Porsche IMS bearing update!

Porsche IMS bearing updateFor 1997 – 2007 Porsche we encourage all owners to perform an IMS (intermediate shaft) bearing update to prevent chips from the disintegrating IMS bearing from entering the oil. Worse, if the bearing totally fails the engine usually self-destructs. Here showing a 996 engine with new main seal and LN Engineering IMS bearing update installed. More about the problem and the LN kit here.

Alternatively, we can install an IMS alarm warning system.


Vintage wheel and tire problems?

HRE Vintage wheel Series 505

Vintage Wheel Options

Having trouble finding tires to fit your vintage Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati? Stuck with metric wheels you can’t get tires for, or 70 series tires you can’t replace?

hre vintage wheel series11Call us, we’ll help you locate tires or replace your vintage wheels with slightly larger modern alternatives with an update to the vintage look.  Ride, handling, stopping are all improved with updated wheels and you can hold on to your vintage wheels/tires for resale or show. We are TireRack dealers and resellers of HRE, Kinesis and other quality wheel manufacturers.

We can also restore your old Borrani, Dunlop or Campagnolo, etc. wheels.


Carbon fiber for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati

custom carbon fiber for Ferrari by Carbonio
custom carbon fiber for Ferrari by Carbonio
custom carbon fiber for Ferrari by Carbonio
custom carbon fiber for Ferrari by Carbonio
Custom carbon fiber for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche

When a customer drove up today with hot coffee all over his lap and the seat of his Ferrari 360 we looked for a solution. We are now dealers for Carbonio Carbon Fiber, a Canadian company offering a very wide range of carbon fiber performance intake systems and accessories for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and other exotic marques. Whether it’s a beautifully crafted humble cup holder or a set of their top selling extended Ferrari F430 F1 Corsa Shift Paddles you might find something in their online catalog to personalize your favorite sports car.