winter storage

Winter storage tips

car cover Ferrari EnzoWe recommend these measures when storing your Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati or other exotic car for the winter season. Whether or not salt has hit the road, Exoticars USA can provide enclosed transportation for servicing your exotic sports car at any time during the winter. Optimally you should have fresh fluids in your car BEFORE storing, not after, to prevent erosion of engine bearings, deterioration of seals from fuel in oil and hydraulic brake system corrosion due to moisture absorption.

Why annual brake fluid changes

Rusted brake pistons Rusted brake pistons result from infrequently changed brake fluid. Over time, brake fluid absorbs water which rusts the steel surfaces of brake pistons, which then destroy perishable caliper seals as they travel through the brake caliper bores.

The fluids in your car are its life blood.