Original bias ply “Good Year billboard” tire

We decided to replicate an old tire with modern technology using tire shaving and stenciling techniques. It’s all in the details when it comes to finalizing any restoration, hot-rod, or custom car and it doesn’t stop at the tires. Everybody wants the best handling and longest lasting tires out there, but mustering up enough courage to install modern rubber on a classic is a tough pill to swallow for a lot of owners.

A closer look at the detail of our freshly finished rubber

Carroll Shelby designed and built the 427 Cobra around racing and it’s intentions were clear since day one. Bulbous fenders and massive rubber distinguishes the race winning big block from it’s smaller 289 sibling, and replicating this was important. The installation of vintage-looking bias ply tires on a project that was modified by us to optimize handling and agility didn’t make sense however it was of upmost importance to retain the look of a 60s-era race Cobra.

The Shelby race team was noted for running the famous “Good Year billboard” tires which has instilled a “proper look” in our minds which we were able to replicate with an advantage of modern tire technology.  We chose Hankook to supply us with the tires based off size and performance requirements….HANKOOK raised lettering on the Cobra – not happening under our watch!

Orbital sanding using multiple stages of grits on the sidewalls replicated a nice smooth surface to be our canvas for the next stage. Special rubber-paint that is flexible was sponged over the stencils which were mapped out via computer for the right arc to hug the 15 inch Halibrand wheels. Curing was the last stage before finally balancing the assemblies.