Ferrari clutch rebuild

remanufactured Ferrari clutch rebuild assemblyClutch problems on your Ferrari? Considering a Ferrari clutch rebuild?

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide clutch rebuilding service for your Ferrari,  Lamborghini or Maserati, for both F1, E-gear, Cambiocorsa and stick transmissions.
Ferrari clutch pressure plate blanchard groundAt Exoticars USA we can install a factory new clutch kit from Ferrari but we also offer an excellent, longer lasting and lower cost alternative.
Ferrari 360 with Hill engineering bearingWe re-manufacture the clutch assembly and re-install it for a much lower price.
Ferrari reman kevlar clutch


rebuilt Ferrari clutchThe flywheel and pressure plate are inspected and resurfaced (Blanchard ground), the clutch disk is re-lined with Kevlar friction material (of the correct thickness to compensate for flywheel and pressure plate re-surfacing and the whole assembly is tested in a special machine for correct engine torque capacity.  We have delivered this Ferrari clutch rebuild service for over 25 years with excellent results and customer satisfaction.

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